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2020 Pleasant View Election Results

Welcome to Pleasant View Election Central!

2020 Pleasant View, TN Election Results


Bill Anderson: 1,387

Heather Brown Hardwick: 1,102


Ronnie Curtis: 773

Jill Niccolich: 1,470

Kyle L. Pritchett: 1,377

Larry Carpetman Vernon: 471

Sales and use tax referendum

For: 872

Against: 1,646


Mayoral Candidates

Heather Hardwick - Facebook Page

Heather Hardwick

1. What are some specific things that you have done as a resident and/or elected official to affect the growth of our town from a commercial/business perspective (A) and, separately, from a residential/housing perspective (B)?

(A) Having moved my business to Pleasant View and being a small business owner, I get a front-row seat on the business needs of the community. I have dozens of citizens in my shop every day, which gives them an opportunity to express concerns and lets them know first hand that I am ALWAYS listening. Even if I don't agree, I will always listen, because as an elected official, its important people know my door is always open. Being a small business owner, I am able to relate to the needs of other businesses, the stresses of business development, or making payroll, but also new business opportunities. The small businesses, restaurants, and mom and pop stores in Pleasant View are crucial to the success of our town. I am glad to have played a small roll in helping small businesses like Flyte's open. I'm proud to have larger businesses like the Hampton Inn here. They are a big help to our parks budget-which frees up money for other key projects like infrastructure and Police/Fire/Public Works.

(B) Last month, I got to be the voice for the area of town most likely to be affected by the proposed apartment development. From leading discussions on social media to having numerous 1 on 1 conversation with residents closest to this development, listening to their concerns, and being their voice to the council was so important to our citizens. Another example was me being a level headed voice on the new impact fee for development-when my opponent wanted to unrealistically hit these builders with fees soo high it would have potentially crushed their developments. You see, many of these builders are LOCAL family builders and our community, many of their staff members, subcontractors, and local real estate agents rely on the success of these builders. They shop local, buy local, and support local. Not all builders are local, but they still hire local, shop local, and spend locally. If the projects from builders fail and go unfinished, they become a blight on Pleasant View-like what happened when the market crashed in 2008 and we had many neighborhoods become abandoned by their developers. To help work with our builders, the council, the mayor, and county commissioners to find a middle ground that worked for everyone while helping add more money for schools was a win/win for Pleasant View.

2. What are some of your plans, if elected as Mayor, to impact residential and commercial growth?

Keeping our infrastructure on the forefront like stormwater on PV main street, keeping with the plans for future road paving projects provided by the traffic committee, and making sure we correct any areas that are lagging behind is key. But also we need to plan for needs that will arise and things we could not forsee. So we need to be flexible and be able to adjust when needed.

I know bigger businesses will come, and I'm happy to help. They bring in revenue that help pay our needs. But I really want to focus on smaller businesses that want to take a chance on Pleasant View. I want to help people chase their dreams of owning their own business. And I plan to do all I can to help them succeed by putting systems in place that will connect them to other local businesses, accountants, suppliers, or others that can work with them (business to business) and possibly help mentor them along the way. This will help all of our businesses succeed! This is my commitment to you as Mayor.



Bill Anderson - Facebook Page

Bill Anderson

"First let me say I have done nothing by myself, with that being said I was apart of the board when we developed the residential and commercial corridors we currently have today, along with the state planners we formulated a plan of what we expected to see on those areas, I was instrumental in the remodeling of Balthrop park as well as the purchase of the land at community park, I spearheaded both of those purchases and brought to light the lack of area for our kids to play. There were only a few subdivisions in the area pleasant hills, hunt lane,westridge,keystone, town pride had just started then. We knew in 2000 Pleasant View was going to grow, it was just a matter of time. Harris farms and the village were the 2 biggest developments that came while I was on the board. We tried to get ahead of the curve, unfortunately with no funds you can only do so much, and commercial was non existent at that time.

If elected Mayor, I want to put a board of citizens as well as business owners together and look at what we really want here, let's be honest there has never been a house that pays like a commercial business, so what would be smart for us to do, look at getting more commercial growth and making sure it's what WE want in our town.
Our residential growth has far outgrown our commercial as well as our infrastructure that was put in place at that time, it is time that we slow down and look at the infrastructure and get it back on track, without that no commercial will come."



Larry Vernon


Vote For 2 Alderman Candidates

Jill Niccolich - Facebook Page

  • As Alderman I want to continue to see our town have that small town feel. It’s inevitable that growth will happen. Having a smart growth plan is the first thing that needs to come to the table.
  • I will be your representative that listens and speaks for the citizens of Pleasant View.
  • I will continue to reach out and keep the public informed with videos/posts to make sure we stay transparent as a town.
  • Keeping our PVPD fully funded is imperative to staying in the top ten of safest towns in Tennessee.
  • Always supporting our PVFD and the men and women who dedicate themselves to saving lives.
  • Keeping our roads and infrastructure well maintained.
  • Supporting locals who want to open and maintain successful small businesses.
  • I am open to new businesses when it makes sense and adds to our community in a positive way.
  • I welcome ALL who want to make Pleasant View their home to live and raise a family.

About Jill

  • I moved to Pleasant View 25 years ago in 1995 when I was 19 years old. I married my husband Scott and we bought our home on Old Clarksville Pike in Pleasant View (we still live in the same little house).
  • Our daughter Audrey is a ninth grader and our son Jack is a 7th grader at PVCS.
  • I am a Pre-K Teacher with Early Learning Academy at Pleasant View Christian School.
  • We are active members of 24 Church in Pleasant View.
  • I was Chairman of Pleasant View Parks and Recreation for two years where I was appointed to the board by the Board of Aldermen and Mayor. I am currently on my second term.
  • I am one of the organizational team members for Cruise’n & Groove’n and Climb-A-Truck events.
  • I help organize the Christmas Parade and Tree Lighting event.
  • Any event that happens in Pleasant View I make myself available to help out in any way I can.
  • There is no other town quite like Pleasant View.
  • I ask for your VOTE on November 3rd.



Larry Vernon


Ronnie Curtis


Kyle Pritchett (Re-Election)


*Petitions must be turned in by Noon on August 20th, 2020.

Early voting will be from October 14-29 and regular voting on November 3rd.

Visit the Cheatham County Election Commission for more information:


Cheatham County Voting District Map

Download Here:

*Check back often. We will continue to update this page over the coming months as candidates are announced.

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