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Cheatham County Raises Property Taxes Again

Cheatham County Commissioners voted in favor of another tax increase on Monday night. This marks the fifth year in a row that the County has seen increased property taxes.

The vote raised the county rate by 14.22-cents which brings the total tax rate to $2.47 per $100 of assessed property value.

Commissioner Walter Weakley was quoted as saying; “I just cannot support this,” “This is five years in a row that we’ve had a tax increase. We’ve got seniors. We’ve got young men and women, families starting out… I can’t see throwing them under the bus to fund another tax increase.”

Weakley voted against the increased tax as well as Commissioners Randy Liles, Ann Jarreau, and Eugene Evans. Commissioner Diana Lovell was not present and the remaining seven voted for the tax increase.

Commissioner Jordan explained that the county must plan for building a new school and a new jail and stated that; “No one in this room enjoys raising taxes. None of us,” “Because what it does to all of our citizens in the county, it does as well to everybody at these tables.”

How Much Will This Cost You?

As an example, the increase of $2.47 per $100 of assessed value means that based on the median home price of $204,900, residents would see an annual increase of $73 on their property tax bill.

Of the 14.22 cent increase, 4.22 would allow the hiring of three new jailers, cover the training expenses for the sheriff’s department. The remaining 10 cents will generate more than $1 million which will be allocated to the new Cheatham County Jail.

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