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Music City Catering

Music City Catering is located at 2004 Highway 49 E, Pleasant View, TN. They have more than 30 years of experience in competitive BBQ Contests and have won multiple national and state championships.

Our friends at Music City Catering take pride in preparing some of the best-smoked meats and traditional southern fare around. They offer pickup, delivery, full buffet, and special on-site service.

Phone: (615) 545-6332 or (615) 347-0242

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Music City Catering Memorial Day Special
Place your order early.

Memorial Day Weekend Hours
Friday 12:00-8:00
Saturday 10:00-6:00
Sunday 10:00-1:00
Call-in Hotline 615-347-0242

Family Packs
1# Pulled Pork
2- Small Sides
Buns/ Sauce

2# Pulled Pork
2- Medium Sides
Buns /Sauce

2# Chopped Brisket
2- Medium Sides

Meat Lovers
2# Pulled Pork
1- Slab of Ribs
2-Dozen Wings

Meat Lovers # 2
2# Pulled Pork
1# Brisket (chopped)
1# Spicy Bologna
2 Dozen Wings

Meat Lovers #3
2# Pulled Pork
1# Brisket (chopped)
1# Smoked Sausage
1# Spicy Bologna
1 Dozen Wings
Buns /Sauce

Pulled Pork $8.95#
Chopped Brisket $14.95#
Ribs $16.95 slab
Wings $9.95 dozen
Spicy Bologna $6.50#
Smoked Sausage $8.50

Mac Cheese
Hash brown casserole
Squash casserole
Broccoli salad
Green Beans
Bbq baked beans
Potato salad
Baked apples

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