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Pleasant View Pilates

Lara Gill began her fitness career over 20 years ago at a YMCA teaching a variety of classes. Very quickly she found a focused passion for Pilates.

Over the last few years, her fitness practice emphasized bringing Pilates to everyone. Since moving to Pleasant View, she began promoting Pilates, health, and wellness in person and through her website,

Originally her goals centered on building opportunities for people to experience Pilates in one-on-one private training at home and in group settings at local gyms. With the onset of COVID 19, however, a different path opened.

Pleasant View Pilates’ website allows her to seamlessly, safely, and quickly move to virtual classes with the same goal of bringing Pilates to a wider audience. For a limited time, Pleasant View Pilates is offering its virtual group classes through a webinar series on Zoom. Participants are required to execute a waiver to participate.

To request a waiver, send an email to

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