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The Livery Stables

The Livery Stables is one of the most iconic historical buildings in Pleasant View, TN. Owners Kelly & Tommy Ellis transformed a horse boarding and grooming house, built in the 1800s, into a popular event venue.

The 4000 square-foot building has over 160 years of history, and the event hall now holds up to 200 guests. Though the building has been restored up to modern-day codes and ordinances, the Livery Stables strives to maintain as much originality as possible. The result of their hard work is a modern-day venue with hints of the past.

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In addition to the event space, the property also features The Coach House which is a new 3200 square-foot building that has the same outer appearance as The Livery Stables but is updated modern inside. This smaller venue holds up to 100 guests and has a more classical look for formal events. Because it is located on the same property as The Livery Stables, guests will experience the same great service, food, and amenities that come with all events that are hosted here.

Presently, in the wake of these unprecedented times, The Livery Stables is serving delicious, home-cooked meals on Tuesday and Thursday that can be pre-ordered by Contacting The Livery Stables at (615) 746-8992.

For menu options, check their Facebook Page at:

To learn more about The Livery Stables, visit their website at:

Keep this iconic venue in mind to book your next wedding or event in the future!

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